I've had quite a sad year because lots of the chickens died. So here's a record of them:
Cath, was a lovely copper Maran that died in about feb.
Spelt, was an ISA brown that died in apr
one of the chicks died in jul
wheat died in sep
buffer died in jun
fudge died in aug
That's all the chickens that died last year, so lets just have moment to remember them.
We've had our moment to remember them. There have been happy bits of this year as well, like all the chicks we've had.
There's been Tablet's chicks and bluey's chicks, Roni, Pancake, Bannock, Jet Jade, Copper Crystal and Forget-me-not.
I hope I get more chicks in 2010. But who knows!

Good luck for 2010! And bye bye to 2009!!!


Merry Christmas!!

Hello Readers,
did anyone have a nice Christmas?
Hope you did. I'm back home!!!
bye bye


More and More Snow

I'm getting bored not seeing the chickens, cos I cant put any chicken photos up.
Anyway lets talk about how the hens and cockerels are doing.
How's everyone's presents going?
I'm sure the chickens are fine, "so I'll go",
xx Sorcha


More Snow!

me with santa, (no chickens sorry)
Hello Readers,
there's even more snow here.
The Chickens are fine, I was sledging earlier, and daddy made a fire at home,
sorry about the lack of picies, and I think Christmas will be Snowy.
Sorcha, Here's pics:
Up above.



There's snow here in Scotland, about a cm deep,
I'm so exited about Christmas, I know what I'm getting for the Chickens
Sorcha xx



Hi, nothing much has been happening, just I'm now 8 and the chicks are huge, because I'm still at my Gran and Grandad's house.
It was cold and frosty last week, and this week its wet.



Very very very un knowing

well i don't know a thing-except knowing that none are dead. I'm very glad about that. Lets sing a song, come on!

ooo la la la oh ne ne,
hhmhm yeah my henny
oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
la la henny,
how do you la?
oh how? how how how!
come on!

let's do some more siging

up up and floo,
yeah imagene
how you floo,
up and uppp
good bye xxx

la la


not knowing

hello, i dont really know what's going on with the chickens because i'm staying with my gran and grandad. So i don't know what's going on. Here's a song:

up in the sky,
way up high,
we, fly fly fly,
up in the sky,
go on up up up,
go on up,
Y E A H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW IT'S uppppppity

upity up you go go go up....................


Heath day

I'm going to do a health day for the chickens. They like dry'ed garlic here's pics.

bluey and her chicks


porridge time!

The chickens haven't got any pellets. But i made porridge for them. They loved it!!


100 in one!


Not much has been happening. There's bad & good news.
The good news is all the new chicks are hens.
While we're on the subject of hens and cocks, Roni is a boy.
The bad news is that Wheat and Fudge are dead.

Here's pics:

The new chicks.Roni with his new cockerel look

Silk in 2007. He's now dead

bye bye


3 new arrivels

we've had 3 chicks!

chicks again

chicks again,
oh chicks again,
i love chicks!



Resipes for chickens

Well here's a resipe for HOT PELLET MASH:

one buket of chicken pellets,
half a cup of hot kettle water,
one handfull of corn.

mix them all up


Thought To be dead

Bluebell was over the fence when a dog came............................................................................................................................................................

And pulled at her...

Poor bluey struggled..

The ower came down

took the dog..

left bluey

and we came........................................................
the man was nasty to lucy.
we went to see bluey and she was still alive!!!!!!!
gerry lifted her back home and she fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feathers all ready

The chicks have lost some of their down.
Their wings are nearly fully feathered up.
They've got patches of skin were their down fell out.

The broodys are away from their nest boxes.
Lucy took the L A and F F eggs away from the broodys.
The chicks sleep in the house now with there mummy.

The mummy hen loves grass that gets put through the bars of the run.
The chicks have got bigger waterier and feeder.
They love chick mix me and my friend Mark make it.

The big chckens also get it CHICKEN MIX.
Kujo has been cockadoodleing very loudly.
The whitelos still sleep up a tree.

here's a respray for chick mix:

you will need:

a jar
two handfulls of oatmeal
two handfulls of chickcrumb
two handfulls of breadcrumbs

First of all you get your jar and put the Chickbrumb, oatmeal and breadcrumbs in.
Shake it entail it's all mixed up.



Lots of chicken things

Here are some chickeny things. First a chicken story.

Once there was a hen who loved ice skating on frozen puddles and hip hop.
One day she saw a lovely cockerel called handsome. They fell in love!!

next is a song:

chickens, chickens,
funny funny chickens,
we love chickens,
chickens !!



A normal chick day

Nothing's going on with the chicks today.
Here's some chick songs

Chicks chicks chicks woo woo
we love you..........................
Ronni rrronni
Floss flossssss
Sheeba Shshsheba
doodle doodoodoodle
oh chicks we love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!

Ronni the wonder chick,
hey hey ronni come and have a play yeah,
ronni ronni ronni,
we love you
ronni! yeah

L and G Found out that Kujo could have chicks. We were worried he couldn't.


Classical chicken

Here's a video of hens doing The Blue Danube Waltz on the Muppet Show.

Click here

Hope you like it.

All is well with the chicks

The chicks are fine. Ronnie is the smallest chick because she's a light bodied Fowl.


Chick pics

click here
Here's a pic of Sheeba and Floss.

An other pic.

Hope you enjoyed them xx

An other chick

The last chick hatched it is an Ancona!!!!! I'm sooooooo glad for mummy.
Her name is Ronnie After Ronnie Ancona. Ronnie's Mum and Dad were from Italy And she's from Scotland. The chick's originally from Italy.

Poor Espresso Died. So did Bryony. Queenie died too.


Two more chicks

Two more chicks have hatched and cuddling in there mum's downy feathers.
Little Floss is fine and cheeping with her sisters. Do you know what I'm calling the others? Well Sheeba and Doodle. Little Espresso's hatching. No signs for little Bryony. She hasn't got any pips in her egg yet....


New arrival

A chick hatched last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guss what kind? A......."salamon faverolle"
Woooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Welcome back Violet

Yesterday I decided that I would throw Violet's eggs down the bank......Lucy and Gerry agreed, when she was off her eggs I sneaked up to her nest (with a tub to carry them in)
I picked an egg up and put it in and again and again and again and again and again then suddenly I broke an egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................................................It was soooooooooooooo stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, and in a min i got to the burn and they went in!
Violet ran to her nest but no eggs to be seen.............She looked and looked but no eggs. She fineally went in to the garden and setteled down.
The arucana eggs have just been sent, so two more days till they come.


Not looking good with the broodys

Tablet's chicks are over jue so prob not hatch. It's not looking good with the hatching eggs too, 6 have but the others have not come yet.............

We've got 3 new broodys (in the nest boxes) Carib Coco and Barley.


Bad news and good news

Sadly we found out today that Violet's chicks won't hatch. But we bought some eggs instead.
I got Friesians and Lucy, Gerry and Finlay got lavender araucanas. One of Violet's eggs had smashed.

3 weeks ago yesterday Violet went missing. I'm so upset that i cant see Violet much for 3 weeks and two days. I wonder If Violet will come off her eggs in the next two days.

We are building a hen house made out of old pallets. We have done the door the back the sides and run. All we need to do is the door hook, the bedding and the roof.


Lots of chicken pics

Violet's chicks will hatch very soon, maybe on Sunday.

These are the whitelos up their tree. They snuggle up together every single night!

Here is Marri on her hatchday.

This is Kujo and Fudge in love..........

Here is a chicken logo that Gerry drew. He is called Chickeny.


My first blue egg of 2009 and Marri's hatchday

Yesterday it was Marri's 4'th hatchday, she had a porridge cake.

Today I went to check for eggs, and a found a blue egg, layed by Quenella.


Broody pics

Here are some photos of the broodys. Hope you like them.

The second one and the last one are of the hen that went missing. Lucy and Gerry followed her to the top of a hill. I'm can't wait till the chicks hatch. My faverolles are going to have pasta names. I might have got cochins but Lucy and Gerry said no. I wanted Jersey Giants too


All is well with the broodys

The broodys are fine 2 days ago we put eggs under the isa. here is a song about her:

a broody isa...........

Gerry said to Lucy that broodyness was bred out of them,

She's a hen....................................,
oh love her la le lo na,
lo la mo,
ee mee see hmm hmm hmm,
silly man,
foo loo foo,
oh...i love her!,
ha ha ha hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
she is lovely me ma mo,
And she is danceing with her chicks,
and she loves them,
she is danceing with her chicks,
she is danceing with her chicks,
oh she is danceing with her chicks,
she is danceing with her chicks,
she is danceing with her chicks........................................................!


An other nest of eggs, hatching eggs and a broody Isa

Lots of thing have happened in the world of chickens today.

First of all when we went out to elgin and got some pellets. But just as we got to the top of the drive I saw a hen! She was laying an egg (about the 20th). When we got home it was fine a few hours later Gerry found the broody she is in a den thing with dead trees over her as the frame and sticks as the roof. I found a better place but I'm not moveing her.

Soon after tea (dinner) (supper) We bought eggs for her to mum. I got salmon faverolles Gerry got cream legbars and Lucy got anconas (like leghorns)


She came back!

The hen came back. She has gone missing again. We are thinking that she is broody. She'll have chicks!


The case of the missing chicken

One of my hens has gone missing. I don't know how to spell her name. Lucy + I looked all over the garden. I hope She comes back soon.


Nest of eggs

I found a nest of eggs. I think they are Mairi eggs. Some are chocolate brown and some are light brown but they are all spotty and it is the spots that I recognise from other Mairi eggs.

So, that means she's been laying eggs of all shades of brown.

I was following an Isa Brown down a bank in the garden where there's lots of nettles and raspberry bushes and there were Rhode Island Reds stratching about and then I saw the nest of eggs.

I ran in to the house and told Lucy and Gerry that I saw a nest of eggs (I didn't know that they were Mairi eggs then). I went out again and realised that they were Mairi eggs.

Lucy came out to see them. There were about a dozen. Lucy took all except one inside, so Mairi had more space to lay. We will start checking there every day.

I was looking for some Quenella eggs because she's laying somewhere else that we don't know about.

I will look tomorrow for them. You usually find them when you're not looking for them.

I have found eggs down that bank before laid by a Rhode Island Red. Last year I found lots of Quenella eggs and there's still a few bits of shell left.

I'm hoping that I find the Quenella eggs tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will find them.


my easter bunny name

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Hoppy Floppy Ears

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bobcat comes to see henny14

hello, bobcat/onnagh is comming today. With her brother.
And mum. She does not live far from me.

Sleepy heads

Kujo has been very sleepy for the last few days. The hens are not sleepy.

Not ill.............................

Silly me for telling you that one of my Isa browns was ill. She's not isn't that good? comment to reply.


OH NO.....Not an other ill chicken

I've yet an other ill chicken. her name is oat and i just found out when i got home from elgn.
I think that Gerry will put her down. It's not nice having an ill chicken. I hope she gets better very


I am writing a book

I am writing a book about a girl called Kara.


Chicken photos

Here are some photos of the chickens


Sunny sun

Today was very hot, and the chickens loved it
Here is a photo (not today's). Ok here it is: But it is up at the top


hello, the chickens don't have any food AT ALL! We are going in to elgin (our nearest town).
And get some chicken food, in A& I a shop that has got: cat food, chicken food, garden stuff,
horse food and treatment for cattle, sheep, chickens, alpacas (the same as sheep treatment),
cats, llamas (the same as alpacas), horses, dogs (maybe the same as cats). I am going to skateing class,
at 11.00 am. The chickens loved yesterday and the day before, and i think that they will,
like today too. I gave them oats, and bread. Bye I have to get redy to go now, but i will post later.
Bye bye


Lots of pics! And a song

This is Quenella my only cream legbar.

This is Spelt the Isa brown that died

These are Wheat and Oat the hens of course!

This is one of my blue marons, she is called Kim

This is Marri my last hen from the first lot,
she is going to be 4 this year.This is one of my white leghorns, her name is cream.

Hope you like the pics, they are very funny do think so too?
To make you even more happy i will do a song!

happy hens

happy hens!,
they are happy all the time,
oh yeah la la la la,
oh oh oh oh weeeeee love our hens,
they are very very very lovely!,
oh we love them oh yeah,
oh hens hens hens hennnnnnsss,
oh hens!!
la la laaaa


A dog owner was nasty to me this is about chickens

Some strange person was nasty. I was calling the chickens away from a dog. But I did not think that it was on a lead but it was. and she was sooooooooooo nasty.


OH NO NO A DED CHICKEN....................What next?

Oh no a ded chicken spelt one of my isa browns died yesterday,

she looked like a cockerel-or a cock-or a rooster.

I have made a song up so you will want to hear it don't you?

once I had 3o or less of more chickens,

but now i only have 22 a few days ago,

about 4 of 5,

now i just have a small no if chickens,

oh yes oh yeah,

if only i could get more,

but i might i just might,

la la lla

poor spelt,

poor isa,

poor chicken,

i am just so sad


Feeling less sad about Cath

I am feeling less sad now. lets sing some songs to make us feel less sad.

Song 1 happy chickens,

feeling less sad?,
no no no no,
no no no no,
yes yes no no,
but lets be happy now,
oh yeah oh yeah,
la la llla la laaaa,
oh my chickens,
yeah yeah yeah,
cath is done for ever,
no cath any more,
la la la laaa la lllllla,

sorcha xx


No Cath any more...I am soooo sad

It is the end of Cath she had a lovely life and now it's done. it is very bad not haveing her,
but it is 'ok'. Nasty thing that made her ill. But these things happen.
any way it's the end of her.
i am very very very very very very very VERY VERY VERY VERY sad. About her.


Cath is going to be put to sleep very soon

Just to tell you that cath is so ill Gerry will put her down.
I have made a song up about her. Do you want to hear it?

she has had a lovely life and now it done,
so bye bye cath,
la la la,
bye bye cath,
the end of her.

sorry if it was nasty but i just might get 2 more.


Chicken songs and pics

These are the isa browns at the feeder.
These are what i call the whitelos

Hello, I am going to do some songs.

Song 1: stand aside for the whitelos,

stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh YEAH!!
and of course for all the other chickens
stand aside for the whitelos
Thank you very much!

Song 2: The flutterbunk flock,

The flutterbunk flock oh yeah,
the chickens are doing silly fun things ,
I am too we are having lots of fun!,
go go go chickens have lots of fun,
we are going with you chickens,
we are having lots of fun,
we love you chickens,
yesy yesy yes oh yeah,
oh chickens you are,
not just chickens,
you are flutterbunk chickens!!
thank you very much

song 3: hens hens hens,

hay there hens,
plese come now now now NOW,
oh ok, oh hens comeing comeing now,
lay an egg there hens,
lay an egg there hens,
oh oh oh hens,
hens hens hens,
hens hens hens,
oh hens

thank you very much.


Pic of buffy and her brother

This is Buffy and her brother. Do you remember that she died? If you don't go to the post: Poor Cath might be put to sleep, it will tell you why they got put down. Her brother did not have a name. They are buff sussexs.

click here to enlarge the pic of buffy and her brother


Pic of happy Cath

This is Cath a few weeks ago. Just looking at her makes me sad. i think that she might get put down tomorrow. It is very sad that she is ill. but she is better now!

OH NO NO NO NOOOOO poor Cath might be put to sleep...boooooo hoooooo

POOR Cath might be put down. Hope she dosn't. But I have had ill chickens before like buffy my buff sussex. which coud not see in one eye and later she coud not see at all. So Gerry had to put her down. And her brother. which had the same thing as her. And cusdard my cream crested legbar. they are greay and brown and she was white! She just died in the night. I think that her hart just stoped. And her sister Quail which had the same thing as cath. and some cocks who were put down for us to eat. And they were nasty ones. Kujo is a very nice cock. and last a white leghorn called: Yoghurt. Which had the same thing.
I hope she gets bet- oh she eat some food today.
I hope she gets better soon.


Oh dear an ill chook.............boo hoo

One of my hens is ill. Her name is Cath and she is a blue maran.
Her twin sisters Bluey and Kim and her younger half sister Fenella, and her younger cousin Splashy and her cousin Angel Wings and her half brother Kujo are not bothered about her.


Garndening with the chickens

Lucy and I were outside watching Gerry make a flower bed.
And The ISA brown hens came!!

My first chocolate brown egg of 2009! And an doubble yolker

One of my Copper blue marans or Splash marans has laid a EGG!! I will probably get one today aswell. It was not the darkest but it was a chocolate brown egg!
It had the goldentst yolk. Lucy dropped it on the porch floor.

The double yolker was either a Brick, which is a Rhode island red or an Isa brown.
bye sorcha x


Spring egg report

I am geting lots of eggs. About 4 or 5 a day! From the isas and the leghorns.

It is going to be Lucy's birthday very soon.
She is going to be 41


Lots of funny things

This is one of my white leghorns. She is flying. I just got the pic!!!

This is mari my first chicken. She is flaping her wings.

I went out to do a nest box. and after I fed them then I gave Ebony E some food and she did not eat it she pecked my hands about 6 or 7 times!!!


The case of the molting chicken!

Ebony E is molting as you know but i wanted to a post about it. She is going mad because it is spring! And they molt in late summer. I have been looking for her fethers but I onlay found 1.
Bye bye BYE byeeeeeee BYEEEEEE LOVE from sorcha xxxx!!!!!!


Bye bye snow

The snow is 99% gone and the chickens are round the back but their's some paches of snow left.

i piced an isa brown up.

The chickens are very happy!!!!

bye bye bye


Bye bye snow!!

The Snow Is gone!


100th time!

Line of chickens.

These are of the isas!! p.s E E is MOLTING!!!! wow isn't that amazing because it is mid feb!!

bye bye xxx


New things for the chickens to do!!!!!

These are some of my hens in a new path!!!!!!!!

This is one of my Isa browns she is in a igloo. me, Lucy and Gerry made it.

My next post will be a video. bye bye bye bye bye bye bye BYE BYE byeeeee BYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx xxx byeeeee


The chickens are stilll snowed in

This is one of my hens she is in one of the paths.

It was snowing when i got up and its still snowing. And it was 8 30!!!!!!!!!
Lucy had to dig the chicken's paths again!! Because they got lots of snow in them in the night!!!!!! bye bye


More pics of my toy chickens and pics of my other chickens

These are some of my chicks. We still have some of them, Angel Wings and Bluey. They are not chicks any more.
These are my only hen brooded chicks.

This is one of my Rhode Island Red chickens. Her name is Chocolate.

This is Clucky for the 100th time i will stop puting pics of her!!

Henny i have not put many pics of her by her self.

A close up of Clucky!!!!!!!

do you like my pics???????!!!!!! bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye BYE BYE BYE BYEEEEEEEEEEEE byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! from sorcha xxxxxxxxxx


Pics of my soft toy chickens

This is Clucky she is very new. i got her yesterday.
This is Henny and her chick Lemon. She hatched this morning.

These are Henny and Clucky's chicks. My new hen is called Clucky. Clucky's chick is called Fennel.

This is Clucky again You will see her in the last pic too!!

This is my little brother Finlay's Toy Cockerel. His name is Cocky.

This is my Toy Hen Pecky she is on the windowsill.

These are Henny and Clucky. Clucky is in the next pic. Henny is a Flower Isa.

Do you like Clucky's jumper? bye bye bye bye bye byeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxx