I've had quite a sad year because lots of the chickens died. So here's a record of them:
Cath, was a lovely copper Maran that died in about feb.
Spelt, was an ISA brown that died in apr
one of the chicks died in jul
wheat died in sep
buffer died in jun
fudge died in aug
That's all the chickens that died last year, so lets just have moment to remember them.
We've had our moment to remember them. There have been happy bits of this year as well, like all the chicks we've had.
There's been Tablet's chicks and bluey's chicks, Roni, Pancake, Bannock, Jet Jade, Copper Crystal and Forget-me-not.
I hope I get more chicks in 2010. But who knows!

Good luck for 2010! And bye bye to 2009!!!


Merry Christmas!!

Hello Readers,
did anyone have a nice Christmas?
Hope you did. I'm back home!!!
bye bye


More and More Snow

I'm getting bored not seeing the chickens, cos I cant put any chicken photos up.
Anyway lets talk about how the hens and cockerels are doing.
How's everyone's presents going?
I'm sure the chickens are fine, "so I'll go",
xx Sorcha


More Snow!

me with santa, (no chickens sorry)
Hello Readers,
there's even more snow here.
The Chickens are fine, I was sledging earlier, and daddy made a fire at home,
sorry about the lack of picies, and I think Christmas will be Snowy.
Sorcha, Here's pics:
Up above.



There's snow here in Scotland, about a cm deep,
I'm so exited about Christmas, I know what I'm getting for the Chickens
Sorcha xx



Hi, nothing much has been happening, just I'm now 8 and the chicks are huge, because I'm still at my Gran and Grandad's house.
It was cold and frosty last week, and this week its wet.