Chick pics

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Here's a pic of Sheeba and Floss.

An other pic.

Hope you enjoyed them xx

An other chick

The last chick hatched it is an Ancona!!!!! I'm sooooooo glad for mummy.
Her name is Ronnie After Ronnie Ancona. Ronnie's Mum and Dad were from Italy And she's from Scotland. The chick's originally from Italy.

Poor Espresso Died. So did Bryony. Queenie died too.


Two more chicks

Two more chicks have hatched and cuddling in there mum's downy feathers.
Little Floss is fine and cheeping with her sisters. Do you know what I'm calling the others? Well Sheeba and Doodle. Little Espresso's hatching. No signs for little Bryony. She hasn't got any pips in her egg yet....


New arrival

A chick hatched last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guss what kind? A......."salamon faverolle"
Woooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Welcome back Violet

Yesterday I decided that I would throw Violet's eggs down the bank......Lucy and Gerry agreed, when she was off her eggs I sneaked up to her nest (with a tub to carry them in)
I picked an egg up and put it in and again and again and again and again and again then suddenly I broke an egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................................................It was soooooooooooooo stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, and in a min i got to the burn and they went in!
Violet ran to her nest but no eggs to be seen.............She looked and looked but no eggs. She fineally went in to the garden and setteled down.
The arucana eggs have just been sent, so two more days till they come.


Not looking good with the broodys

Tablet's chicks are over jue so prob not hatch. It's not looking good with the hatching eggs too, 6 have but the others have not come yet.............

We've got 3 new broodys (in the nest boxes) Carib Coco and Barley.


Bad news and good news

Sadly we found out today that Violet's chicks won't hatch. But we bought some eggs instead.
I got Friesians and Lucy, Gerry and Finlay got lavender araucanas. One of Violet's eggs had smashed.

3 weeks ago yesterday Violet went missing. I'm so upset that i cant see Violet much for 3 weeks and two days. I wonder If Violet will come off her eggs in the next two days.

We are building a hen house made out of old pallets. We have done the door the back the sides and run. All we need to do is the door hook, the bedding and the roof.


Lots of chicken pics

Violet's chicks will hatch very soon, maybe on Sunday.

These are the whitelos up their tree. They snuggle up together every single night!

Here is Marri on her hatchday.

This is Kujo and Fudge in love..........

Here is a chicken logo that Gerry drew. He is called Chickeny.


My first blue egg of 2009 and Marri's hatchday

Yesterday it was Marri's 4'th hatchday, she had a porridge cake.

Today I went to check for eggs, and a found a blue egg, layed by Quenella.


Broody pics

Here are some photos of the broodys. Hope you like them.

The second one and the last one are of the hen that went missing. Lucy and Gerry followed her to the top of a hill. I'm can't wait till the chicks hatch. My faverolles are going to have pasta names. I might have got cochins but Lucy and Gerry said no. I wanted Jersey Giants too


All is well with the broodys

The broodys are fine 2 days ago we put eggs under the isa. here is a song about her:

a broody isa...........

Gerry said to Lucy that broodyness was bred out of them,

She's a hen....................................,
oh love her la le lo na,
lo la mo,
ee mee see hmm hmm hmm,
silly man,
foo loo foo,
oh...i love her!,
ha ha ha hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
she is lovely me ma mo,
And she is danceing with her chicks,
and she loves them,
she is danceing with her chicks,
she is danceing with her chicks,
oh she is danceing with her chicks,
she is danceing with her chicks,
she is danceing with her chicks........................................................!


An other nest of eggs, hatching eggs and a broody Isa

Lots of thing have happened in the world of chickens today.

First of all when we went out to elgin and got some pellets. But just as we got to the top of the drive I saw a hen! She was laying an egg (about the 20th). When we got home it was fine a few hours later Gerry found the broody she is in a den thing with dead trees over her as the frame and sticks as the roof. I found a better place but I'm not moveing her.

Soon after tea (dinner) (supper) We bought eggs for her to mum. I got salmon faverolles Gerry got cream legbars and Lucy got anconas (like leghorns)