Lots of funny things

This is one of my white leghorns. She is flying. I just got the pic!!!

This is mari my first chicken. She is flaping her wings.

I went out to do a nest box. and after I fed them then I gave Ebony E some food and she did not eat it she pecked my hands about 6 or 7 times!!!


The case of the molting chicken!

Ebony E is molting as you know but i wanted to a post about it. She is going mad because it is spring! And they molt in late summer. I have been looking for her fethers but I onlay found 1.
Bye bye BYE byeeeeeee BYEEEEEE LOVE from sorcha xxxx!!!!!!


Bye bye snow

The snow is 99% gone and the chickens are round the back but their's some paches of snow left.

i piced an isa brown up.

The chickens are very happy!!!!

bye bye bye


Bye bye snow!!

The Snow Is gone!


100th time!

Line of chickens.

These are of the isas!! p.s E E is MOLTING!!!! wow isn't that amazing because it is mid feb!!

bye bye xxx


New things for the chickens to do!!!!!

These are some of my hens in a new path!!!!!!!!

This is one of my Isa browns she is in a igloo. me, Lucy and Gerry made it.

My next post will be a video. bye bye bye bye bye bye bye BYE BYE byeeeee BYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx xxx byeeeee


The chickens are stilll snowed in

This is one of my hens she is in one of the paths.

It was snowing when i got up and its still snowing. And it was 8 30!!!!!!!!!
Lucy had to dig the chicken's paths again!! Because they got lots of snow in them in the night!!!!!! bye bye


More pics of my toy chickens and pics of my other chickens

These are some of my chicks. We still have some of them, Angel Wings and Bluey. They are not chicks any more.
These are my only hen brooded chicks.

This is one of my Rhode Island Red chickens. Her name is Chocolate.

This is Clucky for the 100th time i will stop puting pics of her!!

Henny i have not put many pics of her by her self.

A close up of Clucky!!!!!!!

do you like my pics???????!!!!!! bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye BYE BYE BYE BYEEEEEEEEEEEE byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! from sorcha xxxxxxxxxx


Pics of my soft toy chickens

This is Clucky she is very new. i got her yesterday.
This is Henny and her chick Lemon. She hatched this morning.

These are Henny and Clucky's chicks. My new hen is called Clucky. Clucky's chick is called Fennel.

This is Clucky again You will see her in the last pic too!!

This is my little brother Finlay's Toy Cockerel. His name is Cocky.

This is my Toy Hen Pecky she is on the windowsill.

These are Henny and Clucky. Clucky is in the next pic. Henny is a Flower Isa.

Do you like Clucky's jumper? bye bye bye bye bye byeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxx


The silly snow

The chickens are enjong the snow


Lots and lots and lots of snow

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's soooooooooo much snow and the chickens can't get out of their houses. We have to dig a path for them to the feeders and water. Maybe they'll stay in their houses all day laying eggs!

What a silly hen. She sleeps up a tree and today she could not get to see her sister who is in the house but sometimes sleeps up the tree with her.

Chicken pics

These are my first chickens. Only some had names. I will tell you their names: Matron, Penguin and Sister.

This is my cockerel Kujo with some of my hens.

This is my hen Angel Wings at the window.

These are Angel Wings and Bluey the hens.

This is me with my new Isa browns. i am giving them food

bye bye bye xxxxx

fun fun for the chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chickens will be haveing lots and lots and lots and LOTS of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bye bye bye bye xxxxxxx

Helllo snow

On Monday it was snowing and yesterday it had melted but today it is snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The chickens are probobay eating the snow. I hope that the chickens are not cold.
Henny is still warm in the house.


Wet wet wet the chickens said!!!!!

It is very wet today and the chickens are very wet but only Henny is dry cos she is in the house.
Yesterday it was snowing and the chickens were eating the snow. And today i was in paca land

p.s. i got 2 eggs

bye bye bye bye bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!