Very very very un knowing

well i don't know a thing-except knowing that none are dead. I'm very glad about that. Lets sing a song, come on!

ooo la la la oh ne ne,
hhmhm yeah my henny
oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
la la henny,
how do you la?
oh how? how how how!
come on!

let's do some more siging

up up and floo,
yeah imagene
how you floo,
up and uppp
good bye xxx

la la


not knowing

hello, i dont really know what's going on with the chickens because i'm staying with my gran and grandad. So i don't know what's going on. Here's a song:

up in the sky,
way up high,
we, fly fly fly,
up in the sky,
go on up up up,
go on up,
Y E A H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW IT'S uppppppity

upity up you go go go up....................