Hi We've got two lots of chicks!!! Sorry I have not posted for two and a half months. Tablet, Oat, Bannock   and Kim have died, So lets have a minute to remember them.

What a sad end. The hen chicks are called Treacle, Caramel  and Butterscotch.  I will post pics soon


Warm Weather and a Snowy Easter

I was rolling my eggs down a snowy bank!! I was doing it with my friends Cadie and Alie. It was lots of fun. I had a leghorn egg. there has been some nice weather, I have enjoyed it.


Nothing Much

There nothing exiting happening. But We are Getting 20 eggs a Day!!!!!! The Only one that's no laying is our 5yr old Hen Mari. I hope She will start up again I really do.

Its getting warmer now, It was 10 C Today. Its Going to Be 16 C on Sunday.  Barley is a bit broody but nothing much.

I Cant wait Till summer Cos i will go in my Paddleing Pool.




There has been a dog attack. It nearly killed Bannock but she's ok. Her whole tail is missing! The rest are fine. But Kim did get chased, but she's ok.  I hope the chickens get over it soon. I'm sure they will.


Here are some pics: me with the massive egg, tablet in the onions, the flock and the bunnies and mocha ebony emerald coco and pancake.

I will post more pics soon. Bye xx


Funnyness, Snowyness and Eggieness

There is so much more snow, I hope this time it will stop coming for this winter, tablet tried to lay an egg in the onions! It was on Saturday or Monday and we got a massive egg, it is the size of an egg shaped tennis ball! We will eat it today. In my next post I will tell you how many yolks it has. Probably three! (I hope it wasn't sore on the hen) But I hope it does! I'm off to see if it has been done now. Bye


Sunshine and Snow

There has been more snow but sunny! I hope it melts cos (you know what) I hate it. Roni has gone to the postie. He has girls to be with. He has been away a week now. The chickens have checking out the bunnies for the last two days. Anyway they have been fine and that's good!



I am so board now. chickens are fine.
sorcha xx


Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

There has been even more snow......I just hate it, I really hope it goes very very soon. I told you in the last post that Bannock layed two eggs, but now she has layed two more! I got two eggs today! One from Bannok and one form an ISA or a Rhode Island.

Sorcha xx


A Few Little Things

Hello Readers,

I am maybe going to Thainston in may to get some chickens! I'm glad the winter's ending and spring is coming. The grass is all most more, and is fighting the snow away. The chickens are happy, so that's good and I think that the snow is boring, just cos I'm fed up of it! Now lets chat about the hens, Ronnie has been doing a funny walk across the snow parts of the ground, and pancake has been looking just like an old man...

I hope this year I get more chicks because I love chicks. I can't wait about the eggs come out of the hens because they're just eating their way through organic layers pellets and not laying one single egg! But Bannock has layed two eggs but no more now!!



What to do??

Do you think that I should change the template of my blog?
I'll try it and see, so will you tell me if you like it?
I have chosen one, so I'll see if it suits my blog.


1rst Anniversary

Sorry about the lack of posts!
It is the First Anniversary of my blog!
I Have had it for a year!!!
I can't believe it, because it feels like more!

I'm Just so happy!!!!!!!!!
I Love The Blog!



The snow is melting!!
I am soooo glad.



Sheep Trouble

Dad called me, saying: "there's a sheep at the door!"
I called back saying: "what?", and then I went downstairs.
We Wondered about what to feed it, but finally Dad knew.
"lets give it neep'', he said, ''do sheep like neep?'' I asked,
''yes'' he replied, so we got a neep and cut it up into four bits.
We went outside, but the sheep went down one of the chickens' paths.
We finally got it out, and chased it up the drive it ran quickly.
When we got to the top we were going to give it food, but it ran home.

So it didn't eat the food we had! We had carrots too!!!!

Sorcha xx


Go, Snow, Go!

The snow is melting fast, dad went out to get some chicken food in elgin.
I have been making shortbread, (if you don't know what is is, its butter, flour and sugar.
In my next post I will put a pic of a cockerel that I made!




The chickens are completely snowed in, Oh dear.
Mum has gone to give them warm water and hot pellet mash I think!
If you want to make it go to my post on the 22nd of may 2009, and you can make



The Chickens have been nearly snowed in. And I'm maybe going to have a new blog about bunnies, because we're getting some, so go to my profile and see!


The feast is over!

The first day's gone! And into the month we go!!!!
The chickens were going along the paths today.
Here's the story of new year's day:
First I woke up and had a huge breakfast of cloutie dumpling, then I can't really remember what next, anyway I think I went on lord of the rings on wikia, at 2.50 pm I watched the railway children. At tea time I had prawn cocktail then venison, after tea we watched doctor who, and some other programme about it! Then I went to bed, and then in a hour and a half I went to sleep!

So that's what I did on new year's day!


New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
The Chickens Are Looking Forward To The Spring, Because It Will Be Easter, and that's like Christmas for us. Here's pics of a cloutie dumpling, mum and I made:

one of them when its just out of the pan.

both of them when there cooled down.

mum's one (it looks like a brain on one side and a tick on the other!

here are both of them
this is my one