The feast is over!

The first day's gone! And into the month we go!!!!
The chickens were going along the paths today.
Here's the story of new year's day:
First I woke up and had a huge breakfast of cloutie dumpling, then I can't really remember what next, anyway I think I went on lord of the rings on wikia, at 2.50 pm I watched the railway children. At tea time I had prawn cocktail then venison, after tea we watched doctor who, and some other programme about it! Then I went to bed, and then in a hour and a half I went to sleep!

So that's what I did on new year's day!


  1. And the chickens lurked under the trampoline - the only relatively bare patch for miles, with about 75cm of snow on top!

  2. Clootie dumpling for breakfast???

    Happy New Year to you all at the Flutterbunk Flock and the Mighty Coire!

  3. My Dad is Scottish so I know all about Clootie dumpling and neeps and tatties!
    I've never had it for breakfast though!