Sheep Trouble

Dad called me, saying: "there's a sheep at the door!"
I called back saying: "what?", and then I went downstairs.
We Wondered about what to feed it, but finally Dad knew.
"lets give it neep'', he said, ''do sheep like neep?'' I asked,
''yes'' he replied, so we got a neep and cut it up into four bits.
We went outside, but the sheep went down one of the chickens' paths.
We finally got it out, and chased it up the drive it ran quickly.
When we got to the top we were going to give it food, but it ran home.

So it didn't eat the food we had! We had carrots too!!!!

Sorcha xx


  1. It sounds really funnny! Where had the wee beastie come from?

  2. A field just up the road from here...
    It was really hungry because the farmer that fed it just gave it and its friends a bale of hay, but left the nylon on.

    They didn't have any water, so it ant its friends had to eat the snow. It Came five more times yesterday and again today.