She came back!

The hen came back. She has gone missing again. We are thinking that she is broody. She'll have chicks!


The case of the missing chicken

One of my hens has gone missing. I don't know how to spell her name. Lucy + I looked all over the garden. I hope She comes back soon.


Nest of eggs

I found a nest of eggs. I think they are Mairi eggs. Some are chocolate brown and some are light brown but they are all spotty and it is the spots that I recognise from other Mairi eggs.

So, that means she's been laying eggs of all shades of brown.

I was following an Isa Brown down a bank in the garden where there's lots of nettles and raspberry bushes and there were Rhode Island Reds stratching about and then I saw the nest of eggs.

I ran in to the house and told Lucy and Gerry that I saw a nest of eggs (I didn't know that they were Mairi eggs then). I went out again and realised that they were Mairi eggs.

Lucy came out to see them. There were about a dozen. Lucy took all except one inside, so Mairi had more space to lay. We will start checking there every day.

I was looking for some Quenella eggs because she's laying somewhere else that we don't know about.

I will look tomorrow for them. You usually find them when you're not looking for them.

I have found eggs down that bank before laid by a Rhode Island Red. Last year I found lots of Quenella eggs and there's still a few bits of shell left.

I'm hoping that I find the Quenella eggs tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will find them.


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bobcat comes to see henny14

hello, bobcat/onnagh is comming today. With her brother.
And mum. She does not live far from me.

Sleepy heads

Kujo has been very sleepy for the last few days. The hens are not sleepy.

Not ill.............................

Silly me for telling you that one of my Isa browns was ill. She's not isn't that good? comment to reply.


OH NO.....Not an other ill chicken

I've yet an other ill chicken. her name is oat and i just found out when i got home from elgn.
I think that Gerry will put her down. It's not nice having an ill chicken. I hope she gets better very


I am writing a book

I am writing a book about a girl called Kara.


Chicken photos

Here are some photos of the chickens


Sunny sun

Today was very hot, and the chickens loved it
Here is a photo (not today's). Ok here it is: But it is up at the top


hello, the chickens don't have any food AT ALL! We are going in to elgin (our nearest town).
And get some chicken food, in A& I a shop that has got: cat food, chicken food, garden stuff,
horse food and treatment for cattle, sheep, chickens, alpacas (the same as sheep treatment),
cats, llamas (the same as alpacas), horses, dogs (maybe the same as cats). I am going to skateing class,
at 11.00 am. The chickens loved yesterday and the day before, and i think that they will,
like today too. I gave them oats, and bread. Bye I have to get redy to go now, but i will post later.
Bye bye


Lots of pics! And a song

This is Quenella my only cream legbar.

This is Spelt the Isa brown that died

These are Wheat and Oat the hens of course!

This is one of my blue marons, she is called Kim

This is Marri my last hen from the first lot,
she is going to be 4 this year.This is one of my white leghorns, her name is cream.

Hope you like the pics, they are very funny do think so too?
To make you even more happy i will do a song!

happy hens

happy hens!,
they are happy all the time,
oh yeah la la la la,
oh oh oh oh weeeeee love our hens,
they are very very very lovely!,
oh we love them oh yeah,
oh hens hens hens hennnnnnsss,
oh hens!!
la la laaaa


A dog owner was nasty to me this is about chickens

Some strange person was nasty. I was calling the chickens away from a dog. But I did not think that it was on a lead but it was. and she was sooooooooooo nasty.


OH NO NO A DED CHICKEN....................What next?

Oh no a ded chicken spelt one of my isa browns died yesterday,

she looked like a cockerel-or a cock-or a rooster.

I have made a song up so you will want to hear it don't you?

once I had 3o or less of more chickens,

but now i only have 22 a few days ago,

about 4 of 5,

now i just have a small no if chickens,

oh yes oh yeah,

if only i could get more,

but i might i just might,

la la lla

poor spelt,

poor isa,

poor chicken,

i am just so sad


Feeling less sad about Cath

I am feeling less sad now. lets sing some songs to make us feel less sad.

Song 1 happy chickens,

feeling less sad?,
no no no no,
no no no no,
yes yes no no,
but lets be happy now,
oh yeah oh yeah,
la la llla la laaaa,
oh my chickens,
yeah yeah yeah,
cath is done for ever,
no cath any more,
la la la laaa la lllllla,

sorcha xx


No Cath any more...I am soooo sad

It is the end of Cath she had a lovely life and now it's done. it is very bad not haveing her,
but it is 'ok'. Nasty thing that made her ill. But these things happen.
any way it's the end of her.
i am very very very very very very very VERY VERY VERY VERY sad. About her.


Cath is going to be put to sleep very soon

Just to tell you that cath is so ill Gerry will put her down.
I have made a song up about her. Do you want to hear it?

she has had a lovely life and now it done,
so bye bye cath,
la la la,
bye bye cath,
the end of her.

sorry if it was nasty but i just might get 2 more.


Chicken songs and pics

These are the isa browns at the feeder.
These are what i call the whitelos

Hello, I am going to do some songs.

Song 1: stand aside for the whitelos,

stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
stand aside for the whitelos,
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh YEAH!!
and of course for all the other chickens
stand aside for the whitelos
Thank you very much!

Song 2: The flutterbunk flock,

The flutterbunk flock oh yeah,
the chickens are doing silly fun things ,
I am too we are having lots of fun!,
go go go chickens have lots of fun,
we are going with you chickens,
we are having lots of fun,
we love you chickens,
yesy yesy yes oh yeah,
oh chickens you are,
not just chickens,
you are flutterbunk chickens!!
thank you very much

song 3: hens hens hens,

hay there hens,
plese come now now now NOW,
oh ok, oh hens comeing comeing now,
lay an egg there hens,
lay an egg there hens,
oh oh oh hens,
hens hens hens,
hens hens hens,
oh hens

thank you very much.


Pic of buffy and her brother

This is Buffy and her brother. Do you remember that she died? If you don't go to the post: Poor Cath might be put to sleep, it will tell you why they got put down. Her brother did not have a name. They are buff sussexs.

click here to enlarge the pic of buffy and her brother


Pic of happy Cath

This is Cath a few weeks ago. Just looking at her makes me sad. i think that she might get put down tomorrow. It is very sad that she is ill. but she is better now!

OH NO NO NO NOOOOO poor Cath might be put to sleep...boooooo hoooooo

POOR Cath might be put down. Hope she dosn't. But I have had ill chickens before like buffy my buff sussex. which coud not see in one eye and later she coud not see at all. So Gerry had to put her down. And her brother. which had the same thing as her. And cusdard my cream crested legbar. they are greay and brown and she was white! She just died in the night. I think that her hart just stoped. And her sister Quail which had the same thing as cath. and some cocks who were put down for us to eat. And they were nasty ones. Kujo is a very nice cock. and last a white leghorn called: Yoghurt. Which had the same thing.
I hope she gets bet- oh she eat some food today.
I hope she gets better soon.


Oh dear an ill chook.............boo hoo

One of my hens is ill. Her name is Cath and she is a blue maran.
Her twin sisters Bluey and Kim and her younger half sister Fenella, and her younger cousin Splashy and her cousin Angel Wings and her half brother Kujo are not bothered about her.


Garndening with the chickens

Lucy and I were outside watching Gerry make a flower bed.
And The ISA brown hens came!!

My first chocolate brown egg of 2009! And an doubble yolker

One of my Copper blue marans or Splash marans has laid a EGG!! I will probably get one today aswell. It was not the darkest but it was a chocolate brown egg!
It had the goldentst yolk. Lucy dropped it on the porch floor.

The double yolker was either a Brick, which is a Rhode island red or an Isa brown.
bye sorcha x


Spring egg report

I am geting lots of eggs. About 4 or 5 a day! From the isas and the leghorns.

It is going to be Lucy's birthday very soon.
She is going to be 41