OH NO NO NO NOOOOO poor Cath might be put to sleep...boooooo hoooooo

POOR Cath might be put down. Hope she dosn't. But I have had ill chickens before like buffy my buff sussex. which coud not see in one eye and later she coud not see at all. So Gerry had to put her down. And her brother. which had the same thing as her. And cusdard my cream crested legbar. they are greay and brown and she was white! She just died in the night. I think that her hart just stoped. And her sister Quail which had the same thing as cath. and some cocks who were put down for us to eat. And they were nasty ones. Kujo is a very nice cock. and last a white leghorn called: Yoghurt. Which had the same thing.
I hope she gets bet- oh she eat some food today.
I hope she gets better soon.

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