Nest of eggs

I found a nest of eggs. I think they are Mairi eggs. Some are chocolate brown and some are light brown but they are all spotty and it is the spots that I recognise from other Mairi eggs.

So, that means she's been laying eggs of all shades of brown.

I was following an Isa Brown down a bank in the garden where there's lots of nettles and raspberry bushes and there were Rhode Island Reds stratching about and then I saw the nest of eggs.

I ran in to the house and told Lucy and Gerry that I saw a nest of eggs (I didn't know that they were Mairi eggs then). I went out again and realised that they were Mairi eggs.

Lucy came out to see them. There were about a dozen. Lucy took all except one inside, so Mairi had more space to lay. We will start checking there every day.

I was looking for some Quenella eggs because she's laying somewhere else that we don't know about.

I will look tomorrow for them. You usually find them when you're not looking for them.

I have found eggs down that bank before laid by a Rhode Island Red. Last year I found lots of Quenella eggs and there's still a few bits of shell left.

I'm hoping that I find the Quenella eggs tomorrow. Fingers crossed I will find them.

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