Lots of pics! And a song

This is Quenella my only cream legbar.

This is Spelt the Isa brown that died

These are Wheat and Oat the hens of course!

This is one of my blue marons, she is called Kim

This is Marri my last hen from the first lot,
she is going to be 4 this year.This is one of my white leghorns, her name is cream.

Hope you like the pics, they are very funny do think so too?
To make you even more happy i will do a song!

happy hens

happy hens!,
they are happy all the time,
oh yeah la la la la,
oh oh oh oh weeeeee love our hens,
they are very very very lovely!,
oh we love them oh yeah,
oh hens hens hens hennnnnnsss,
oh hens!!
la la laaaa

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