Deaths (oh no) and feed time

sorry I haven't been posting much. I was on holiday allot but I'm back now! On tuesday we got some chicken feed and I made a yummy mix for them:

1 half bucket of oats (I use the alpaca oats)
3 handfuls of chicken pellets
5 handfuls of oatmeal
1 bread heel
1 handful of garlic
Mix them all together and rip up the bread heel.

They LOVED it so much.
Copper splash (Crystal) is dead and So is Bluey I'm soooo upset.


Kujo's eye

Oh noooo Kujo has had his eye pecked and he can't see out of it.......
But Luckily he is ok cause his other eye is ok! yay I'm glad
oh and Pancake is getting bullied by our evil cockerel!
poor mascarpony now has the illness bu shes getting a bit better yay


Egg shop

hi, I have an egg shop at the adress
Highland house
Solar System
Milky way
The universe

and buisness cards out soon.............. just put your adress in and I'll send one
the eggs are 1.50 per half doz. Enjoy them if your close or on holiday here..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK bye bye xxx


Alot of things - Bad and good news and A facebook page

Hiiiiiiii! I'm really sorry about not posting for ages two monthes! Its sooooooo bad I'm really sorry I've been working on a new blog. Okay, I need to get the post done. Here is the bad news

All the Chickens have scaly leg mites and cream is Very Ill She can't walk without falling over all the time. I am really saad I think she is going to die soon waaaaaaaaaaaa and a Cockerel from the second lot of chicks from last year is Really nasty and chases all the hens around.

Good news:

Yay all the chickens are getting better but cream is Still Ill. The horrid cockerel is getting told off by Kujo and Mari is now 6 yay she is our oldest hen and she is still laying whoopeee!

I have just started a facebook page for this blog, to visit it click Here

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorcha xxxxxxx


VERY SAD NEWS :'( and Cute Chickens

Angel Wings was Ill, very Ill and she was falling down all the time and then................she Died~SOB

Today we met some cute chickens while we were on a walk! they were rescue ones :D



Feeding time! and New Template and two more Deaths

We went into A&I shop today for chicken food we went off organic food for the winter, but we're on organic food again so that means spring is coming! We bought two bags so that means the lucky chickens will get two weeks of food! The food we use normally is The Organic Feed Company  but the non organic feed we use in the winter is Dodson and Horrell the chickens are all fine by the way

OK about the new template what background should I use, Chicks or Grass?

Copper Splash (her Real name is Crystal) is a very good hen :) she lays lovely dark brown eggs :) and is a loner chicken

Jet Jade and Saphire forgetmenot died :( :( :'( 


Bad News

all chicks are boys very nasty boys :(

3 deaths

I'm sorry about the lack of posts. There has been three deaths over the last two months. First oat. Here is a poem to remember her:

sadness fills my heart,
I chose you oat,
I loved you so much,
but now you're gone,
you can't come back to me.

then bannock:

I chose your egg
I loved you so much
but then you went
you were one nice chicken 

then tablet

oh tablet, oh tablet 
I  miss when you go in inside the house
you were a perfet chicken
but your gone
oh tabbles oh tablet
my chicken my lovely chicken

Summer Is Over

It's autumn now. Treacle was stuck under the feeder but lucky shes ok