Feeding time! and New Template and two more Deaths

We went into A&I shop today for chicken food we went off organic food for the winter, but we're on organic food again so that means spring is coming! We bought two bags so that means the lucky chickens will get two weeks of food! The food we use normally is The Organic Feed Company  but the non organic feed we use in the winter is Dodson and Horrell the chickens are all fine by the way

OK about the new template what background should I use, Chicks or Grass?

Copper Splash (her Real name is Crystal) is a very good hen :) she lays lovely dark brown eggs :) and is a loner chicken

Jet Jade and Saphire forgetmenot died :( :( :'( 


  1. Sorry to hear about Jet Jade and Sapphire.
    We only have one chicken laying at the moment, Doodle. She lays lovely little white eggs, she is a Scicilian Buttercup. Dottie (Speckled Sussex) and Lulu (Norfolk grey) are still not laying despite me giving them a good talking too! Have you any suggestions to make them lay?

  2. no sorry idea! we've still got a few that are NOT laying I hope they do soon (your ones)they died in the autumn But I hadn't got round to posting on the blog so it took me a long time to post!!!......, Maybe you can feed them lots and they will lay or just put them in the nest box or somthing!