Chicken links

i have got 25 lovely chickens. here are some lovely links to chicken gift site www.omlet.co.uk
http://www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/ bye bye

i picked a chicken up

I picked one of my new chickens up. she is called wheat but she dos not look very like it!!!!! bye

Henny had tea

Henny had fish and chips with mushrooms and rice podding.
And ate it all up. Sorry there's not any photos of her. She loved the mushrooms.
Do you have any toy chickens? Bye bye

Sorcha x


Pecky the chick

My soft toy Henny

Henny was an Easter present from Lucy and Gerry. She is made of recycled cloth. She has got a friend called Pecky who is made of felt, and she has got a friend too, called Cocky. Henny came from eBay from someone who makes recycled soft toys. She is one of my favourite soft toys. You can sit on her, and sometimes my little brother Finlay comes on too.

Do you notice that she has got flowery feathers and frizzle tail and wing tips? Her wings fell off when I was playing with her and we had to sew them on again. She has got a linen beak and wool wattles and comb. Her body is made out of an old curtain. Ha ha ha!

She looks a bit like a garden with flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Little Egg!!!!!!

One of my new chickens laid i wee egg.it is like a pullet egg. I think she is comeing in to lay.

Angel wings was ill on wednesday. She was sitting down on the ground. Lucy went to feed the chickens but when she had some food she was beter.

None of my other chickens are laying any eggs. We miss eating them.Bye


Meet the chickens

I am Sorcha. I am going to tell you my chickens' names: Chocolate, Carob, Cocoa, Kim, Cath, Quenella, Ebony Emerald, Violet, Kujo, Bluebell, Fenella, Buffer, Fudge, Toffee, Tablet, Spelt, Barley, Wheat, Oat, Angel Wings, Splashie, Mairi, Moccha and Blueberry.