Little Egg!!!!!!

One of my new chickens laid i wee egg.it is like a pullet egg. I think she is comeing in to lay.

Angel wings was ill on wednesday. She was sitting down on the ground. Lucy went to feed the chickens but when she had some food she was beter.

None of my other chickens are laying any eggs. We miss eating them.Bye


  1. Hiya Sorcha

    Lucky you for getting an egg, none of my chickens are laying eggs at the minute. They are just eating lots of food and digging holes in my garden!! They free range wherever they like, but are very naughty.

    Can't wait to see some pictures.

  2. Do all alpaca breeders have chickens?? It seems so. I find herding them quite similar apart from the size difference of course, and the chickens don't spit - but they do peck my red crocs!!

  3. I think they must do, there was a bit of chicken swapping going on at our last NEBAG (North East & Borders Alpaca Group) meeeting!!

  4. What - swapping actual chickens or chicken stories?

  5. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wood not sell mine sorry
    i cant spell.