Sunshine and Snow

There has been more snow but sunny! I hope it melts cos (you know what) I hate it. Roni has gone to the postie. He has girls to be with. He has been away a week now. The chickens have checking out the bunnies for the last two days. Anyway they have been fine and that's good!


  1. Hi Sorcha,

    Sorry I haven't commented on your excellent blog, I have been very busy at work.
    I have seen pictures of your rabbits, they look HUGE!

    We have two new chickens, Angus, who is 7, has called them Snowflake and Cindy.

    Hope all your chickens are well.

  2. they are fine, how many chickens have you got now?

  3. We had three but one of them, a Bluebelle seems to have disappeared! I hope she is ok but I think that she may not come back.

    Thanks for the comments by the way, I don't think I've had 10 before!

  4. we've got 26 now but we once had about 35!