Pics of my soft toy chickens

This is Clucky she is very new. i got her yesterday.
This is Henny and her chick Lemon. She hatched this morning.

These are Henny and Clucky's chicks. My new hen is called Clucky. Clucky's chick is called Fennel.

This is Clucky again You will see her in the last pic too!!

This is my little brother Finlay's Toy Cockerel. His name is Cocky.

This is my Toy Hen Pecky she is on the windowsill.

These are Henny and Clucky. Clucky is in the next pic. Henny is a Flower Isa.

Do you like Clucky's jumper? bye bye bye bye bye byeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Clucky looks great, I bet she's glad she's not living out in the snow with the rest of your chickens!
    I got an egg from my hens this morning which is the first one for about two months so I was very excited!! :-)

  2. ok i am getting about 2 a day well 1 in the snow


  3. Glad you found my blog again