Feathers all ready

The chicks have lost some of their down.
Their wings are nearly fully feathered up.
They've got patches of skin were their down fell out.

The broodys are away from their nest boxes.
Lucy took the L A and F F eggs away from the broodys.
The chicks sleep in the house now with there mummy.

The mummy hen loves grass that gets put through the bars of the run.
The chicks have got bigger waterier and feeder.
They love chick mix me and my friend Mark make it.

The big chckens also get it CHICKEN MIX.
Kujo has been cockadoodleing very loudly.
The whitelos still sleep up a tree.

here's a respray for chick mix:

you will need:

a jar
two handfulls of oatmeal
two handfulls of chickcrumb
two handfulls of breadcrumbs

First of all you get your jar and put the Chickbrumb, oatmeal and breadcrumbs in.
Shake it entail it's all mixed up.


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