New chickens!

Sorry I haven't posted for about about 11 months!!! i have decided that I will Post at least a weekly update. It is neary four years since my blog was started!!
Anyway I got seven new hens at the dingwall mart last month. Their names are Sugar, Nutmeg, Clove, Skye, Rona, Soay and Raasay. Sugar, Nutmeg and Clove are leghorns. Sugar is a white leghorn and the other two are brown leghorns. Skye, Rona, Soay and Raasay are Scots greys. Scots greys are native hens to Scotland. Their names are from Skye and islands around it, which are off the west coast. The chickens are from Skye.
I am 11 now! Also I need to have a moment of silence for poor Mascarpone and Ebony Emerald who died in the summer. I have three new chicks who were born in June. They don't have names yet because I don't know if they are boys or girls yet! They are legcanas which are crosses between arucanas and leghorns. Christmas is nearly here! Mairi is seven now. One old hen! Eval (My cokerel) is now much less evil!
There was some snow but it has gone now. I really want it to come back because I really want to go sledging and skiing! The chickens are cold. half of them are now sleeping in the houses!! I'm really pleased because no-one else has died in the night. (Exept the ill ones) Here is some pics of them:


Sugar (left) and Clove (right)

One of the greys. (I have no clue witch!)

Raasay, Rona, Soay and Skye (the scots greys)

Thank you for reading my blog see you soon

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