Dog Attack

A terrible thing has happened. A dog has attacked the chickens. I woke up frantic bucking noises, I went to the window. a dog was chasing the hens round the back garden. It had Fennella in its mouth. Mum and Dad went out into the garden.
It dropped Fennella, she lay on the ground and got up quickly. They chased it off and came back in. I got dressed and ran down stairs and out the door. The garden was empty no hens in sight. I found three scots greys, the brown leghorns and two of the Legcanas.
So one scots grey was missing and one legcana. Sugar was missing, Mairi, Cream, Blueberry, Mocha, Chocolate, Quinella, Eval, Fennella, and Barley were all missing too. We have a sort of bank down the side of the garden that is like a cliff to the burn. I looked about nobody in sight.
Then I heard a "Buck, Buck, Buck" sound from above me. I looked up and saw the missing legcana sitting about three meters above me. She/he flew down and ran out to the front garden. then a little head popped out from behind the shed. It was barley! She was missing half her feathers but she was okay.
She joined the legcana and went to the front garden.
Then I found Sugar the white leghorn perched on a run panel between the shed and a wall. She hopped down and went to join the rest.
I went back round to the front garden and saw that Cream, Mairi, Mocha and Fennella were all pecking about with the greys, leghorns and legcanas.
I went to get a drink of water and Eval and Quinella were back. I fed them and called to see if any one else would come home. None did.
Three of them are still missing and I am really worried

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