Dog Attack

A terrible thing has happened. A dog has attacked the chickens. I woke up frantic bucking noises, I went to the window. a dog was chasing the hens round the back garden. It had Fennella in its mouth. Mum and Dad went out into the garden.
It dropped Fennella, she lay on the ground and got up quickly. They chased it off and came back in. I got dressed and ran down stairs and out the door. The garden was empty no hens in sight. I found three scots greys, the brown leghorns and two of the Legcanas.
So one scots grey was missing and one legcana. Sugar was missing, Mairi, Cream, Blueberry, Mocha, Chocolate, Quinella, Eval, Fennella, and Barley were all missing too. We have a sort of bank down the side of the garden that is like a cliff to the burn. I looked about nobody in sight.
Then I heard a "Buck, Buck, Buck" sound from above me. I looked up and saw the missing legcana sitting about three meters above me. She/he flew down and ran out to the front garden. then a little head popped out from behind the shed. It was barley! She was missing half her feathers but she was okay.
She joined the legcana and went to the front garden.
Then I found Sugar the white leghorn perched on a run panel between the shed and a wall. She hopped down and went to join the rest.
I went back round to the front garden and saw that Cream, Mairi, Mocha and Fennella were all pecking about with the greys, leghorns and legcanas.
I went to get a drink of water and Eval and Quinella were back. I fed them and called to see if any one else would come home. None did.
Three of them are still missing and I am really worried


Wet, Wet and more Wet

It is a horrible day and the chickens are hiding under the yew tree. Its drizzley and dull and misty. It's too dark for me to take photos.
I haven't had any eggs since November, and it was the start. I hope that they start laying in the new year. It dosent feel like christmas yet. I still cant wait!
Sugar the snow white chicken is grey today. They have been scratching about in the leaves at the bottom of the yew tree. I think that maybe some snow will fall! On christmas day I will give the hens some warm pellet mash and oats.
I need to go because its nearly time to go out


New chickens!

Sorry I haven't posted for about about 11 months!!! i have decided that I will Post at least a weekly update. It is neary four years since my blog was started!!
Anyway I got seven new hens at the dingwall mart last month. Their names are Sugar, Nutmeg, Clove, Skye, Rona, Soay and Raasay. Sugar, Nutmeg and Clove are leghorns. Sugar is a white leghorn and the other two are brown leghorns. Skye, Rona, Soay and Raasay are Scots greys. Scots greys are native hens to Scotland. Their names are from Skye and islands around it, which are off the west coast. The chickens are from Skye.
I am 11 now! Also I need to have a moment of silence for poor Mascarpone and Ebony Emerald who died in the summer. I have three new chicks who were born in June. They don't have names yet because I don't know if they are boys or girls yet! They are legcanas which are crosses between arucanas and leghorns. Christmas is nearly here! Mairi is seven now. One old hen! Eval (My cokerel) is now much less evil!
There was some snow but it has gone now. I really want it to come back because I really want to go sledging and skiing! The chickens are cold. half of them are now sleeping in the houses!! I'm really pleased because no-one else has died in the night. (Exept the ill ones) Here is some pics of them:


Sugar (left) and Clove (right)

One of the greys. (I have no clue witch!)

Raasay, Rona, Soay and Skye (the scots greys)

Thank you for reading my blog see you soon


alot of news!!

The chickens geting chased by a pine martin and they started going up trees!! Cream and mascerpony always go up trees. But ALL of them are now going up trees!!! even the cockerels. One night when i was in bed i heard a really scary noise like a bukbukbukbukeeeeeeeee  and in the morning pancake was missing he was the last of the favarolles.
and wierdly another night coco and carob went missing, now theres only 1 road island red left. poor chocolate doesent have any friends left, and kujo was ill for a bit, and i went outside just as they were going to bed, he was sitting there trying to get into the house.
I lifted him into the house but sadly he died coming out the house in the morning RIP Kujo, Coco, Carob and Pancake. Me and Mummy made a run for the chickens so that no more went missing in the night, and it worked for about a week and then we kept foregetting BUT some of them still went in the house!! then Violet got ill, and she died in the night. RIP Violet. Lets have a min of silence for them.

The chickens were in the snow for a bit but it all melted. its a horrible day today, I'll get some photos of my toy hens today though (hopefully)


Deaths (oh no) and feed time

sorry I haven't been posting much. I was on holiday allot but I'm back now! On tuesday we got some chicken feed and I made a yummy mix for them:

1 half bucket of oats (I use the alpaca oats)
3 handfuls of chicken pellets
5 handfuls of oatmeal
1 bread heel
1 handful of garlic
Mix them all together and rip up the bread heel.

They LOVED it so much.
Copper splash (Crystal) is dead and So is Bluey I'm soooo upset.


Kujo's eye

Oh noooo Kujo has had his eye pecked and he can't see out of it.......
But Luckily he is ok cause his other eye is ok! yay I'm glad
oh and Pancake is getting bullied by our evil cockerel!
poor mascarpony now has the illness bu shes getting a bit better yay


Egg shop

hi, I have an egg shop at the adress
Highland house
Solar System
Milky way
The universe

and buisness cards out soon.............. just put your adress in and I'll send one
the eggs are 1.50 per half doz. Enjoy them if your close or on holiday here..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK bye bye xxx


Alot of things - Bad and good news and A facebook page

Hiiiiiiii! I'm really sorry about not posting for ages two monthes! Its sooooooo bad I'm really sorry I've been working on a new blog. Okay, I need to get the post done. Here is the bad news

All the Chickens have scaly leg mites and cream is Very Ill She can't walk without falling over all the time. I am really saad I think she is going to die soon waaaaaaaaaaaa and a Cockerel from the second lot of chicks from last year is Really nasty and chases all the hens around.

Good news:

Yay all the chickens are getting better but cream is Still Ill. The horrid cockerel is getting told off by Kujo and Mari is now 6 yay she is our oldest hen and she is still laying whoopeee!

I have just started a facebook page for this blog, to visit it click Here

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorcha xxxxxxx